21 December 2012

Enabling PageRank button on google toolabr

Recently I was doing some research on how does the SOE techniques works. In my research I come across Google toolbar for IE browsers , which has an inbuilt option to show the Google page rank for the given page.

I downloaded the Google toolbar and installed for IE browser. But as per PageRank - Toolbar Help, the PageRank button cannot be found on the Tools tab( Documentation not updated!!)

Then I ignored the Google toolbar and searched on Google for some other different software which let you know the PageRank for the given page. But I could not find any convincing alternative to Google toolbar.

Next day when I was looking at the Toolbar Options, I noticed Privacy vertical tab page next to the General tab page.In that Privacy Tab Page I could found the see option to select the PageRank under the Enhanced features tab.

See below the screenshot which shows how to enable PageRank in google toobar:
Screen shows how to Enable Google toobar PageRank button
Enabling Google Toolbar's PageRank button 

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