05 April 2013

Valid credential redirects to login page again!

Recently I was trying to login to a website. But even after entering valid login credentials, the website re-directed to login page again. Website didn't display any error message in this situation.

Problem statement: User cannot login to website

IE browser was used to browse the website. After so many unsuccessful attempts of troubleshooting, I notice the Internet Explorer status bar. It was telling me that, the cookies for the website were blocked because of privacy policy. When exploring more, I come to know, the website which I was browsing somehow got added to IE browser Restricted Websites. So cookies were blocked for the website.

Solution found: Removed the site from Restricted Websites list

Because cookies were blocked, the web server was not able to recognize the user login session. Http cookies were not sent with the default page Http request, after web server re-directed to website's default page.

Login becomes successful after removing the website from the Restricted Website list.

The screen below shows IE browser, Privacy Policy window showing Restricted Websites for which Cookies are blocked:
cookies blocked for restricted website

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