15 October 2014

viewing the saved password in IE browser

Sathish has a personal laptop and he contributes to some of the community sites. So to reduce his efforts of logging into websites, he chose to save the password in the browser. At some point later, he wants to login to a site from another computer, but he has forgotten the password. Not a good situation to be in.

Now he has two choices.

  1. Reset the password.
  2. Somehow figure out the old password, as for sure the browser on his personnel laptop knows the password as it was saved earlier.

For whatever reason if you choose the second option, then you have to figure out the saved website password in the browser. I tried googling to figure out the saved passwords, but I could not succeed.

Later I found out a way to get the saved password with IE browser (version > 7).

If you are using the Internet Explorer(IE) browser, then browse to the website and go to login page. If password was saved earlier, then browser will populate the saved username and password.

  1. Later press F12 key or (Tools =>Developer Tools), then you will see the IE developer window.

    IE Developer Tools -Select Element by Click
  2. Click on the Pointer Arrow button and click on the Password field.
  3. Now IE tool shows the password highlighted; Look out for its “Value” attribute, this will indicate your password.

    Password field showing it value in IE Developer tool

Caution: Never store sensitive passwords in any browser.

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