26 September 2015

How to change TFS credentials when using Visual Studio IDE

One of my ex-colleague, was trying hard to change his saved user credential while connecting to his TFS source control from Visual Studio IDE. For some reason, he was suppose to change his TFS credentials which got saved when had connected to TFS earlier using someone else credentials. But we couldn't find out any option in Visual Studio to change his TFS credentials.

After doing some googling, we come to know that, the Windows has stored the TFS credentials and supplying the same when tried to connect TFS, thereby he was not getting a prompt to use his new credentials to TFS.

Later we removed the TFS credential which got saved to Windows Vault. Below are the steps to remove such Generic credential from Window 7 OS:

  1. Go to "Control Panel" and then to "User Accounts".
  2. Click on the "Manage Your Credentials" link present in the left. (You need to appropriate rights, to see it visible)
  3. Then in the view displayed, have a look at "Generic Credential" section.
  4. Locate your TFS address URL and click on expand option.
  5. Then to click on "Remove from Fault" link to remove the TFS credential from windows persistence.
  6. Generic Credential Persistence in Windows
  7. If you find another credential stored under "Windows Credentials" section with the same "Username", remove that one as well from the Vault.
  8. Windows Credential Persistence in Windows
  9. Close your Visual Studio (if running) and open again. Then try to connect to TFS, this time you will get a prompt to enter credentials.

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