13 June 2017

one of the best session on windows advanced debugging using WinDBG

Recently I faced an issue with a ASMX service, the issue was not evident on the face of it. So started looking deeper to understand what causing the issue. Took a process dump of ASP.NET web site W3WP process.

Later opened the .dmp file WinDBG. I had forgotten the command to analyze the dumps. When I searched for some video tutorial online, I found a recorded "dotnetConf" session on "Advanced Debugging with WinDbg and SOS" by Sasha Goldshtein on youtube. The video was very helpfull in refreshing my memory on commands to debug and analyze the process dumps.

Below is the description straight from the youtube video description

Visual Studio is an incredible debugger, but problems encountered in the production environment and exceptionally tough bugs still warrant the introduction of WinDbg and SOS in all their glory. In this session we'll see how to dissect memory leaks with SOS and CLR Profiler, how to solve deadlocks with wait chain traversal and SOSEX, and how to immediately pinpoint application crashes from dump files.

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