25 June 2017

dotpeek: free .NET decompiler from Jetbarins

Decompiler converts the compiled code back into high level source code. The process of convering compiler generated code into high level source code is called decompilation. In case of .NET decompiler, MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) will be converted into high level C# language code.

In market there are already lot of decompilers. ILSPY is one of the free .NET decompiler.

Recently I learned about Jetbrain's free .NET decompiler which is called dotpeek.

One of the cool feature which I liked with dotpeek is its ability to "show or hide compiler generated code".

Below is the documentation from the dotpeek features page.

You can choose to show certain compiler transformations, thus making code structure that dotPeek displays very similar to what the compiler turns it to. This helps see how compiler deals with lambdas, closures, and auto-properties, among other things.


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