26 May 2018

one way to keep developer job interesting all the time

Recently one of my close acquaintance said he is experiencing boredom in his developer job because of mundane work and said he has free time sometimes. And he was not at all happy with the situation.

After spending some time researching I sent an email with the below content. My close acquaintance is a C++ developer.




Today you mentioned that your work in not interesting. You can make your developer job interesting if you wish to, by following below:

  • Go through the link at the beginning of the email.
  • It shows all the interesting projects being built in C++ (Similarly you can see trending projects for other languages as well).
  • See which projects suits you and sparks interest in you and START contributing to them on github.

It helps you in two BIG ways:

  • Firstly, it gives you interesting work.
  • Second, it will acts a GOOD resume and recruiters will start calling you with job oppurtunities looking @ your contributions on a pubic forum like github.


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