17 November 2018

How to find App Pool Process ID

If you have hosted web applications in IIS (Internet Information Service) web server, then at times you want to know the process ID of the application pool your web app is using.

If you go to TASK Manager and see the process list, it will shows all the app pool’s W3WP processes. So it will be difficult to identify the underlying process ID of app pool which your web application is using.

If you are facing this trouble, don’t worry. Head straight into IIS Manager.

Open IIS Manager (inetmgr), select the server node in the right hand navigation page.

Select the features list in the bottom tab. In the features list click on the Worker Process.

In the Worker Processes list, one of the column is Process ID of the process. Locate your app pool in the list and you will come to know the process ID.